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An attractive sidewalk is a must for your property if you want to make a positive impression, but if it is not properly installed you could face the problem of cracking concrete and unexpected wear that occurs with use and changing the weather. At Biltmore Contracting we can offer you the very best in quality concrete sidewalks. There is more to your sidewalks than simply pouring a new batch of concrete, and Biltmore Contracting takes the steps needed to ensure smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting results
When it comes to having your sidewalks installed, you need to make certain that you are getting service performed by area experts that New York City has come to trust. At Biltmore Contracting you are receiving years of industry experience to provide you with crisp, clean installation, repair, and replacement services for your business or residential sidewalks. Your commercial appeal starts at the curb, and that means having attractive, well-finished sidewalks.
Having concrete of at least 4500 psi is important to withstand not only the rigors of use, but dramatic changes in heat and cold. When weather changes and freezing and thawing occur, your concrete will shift and expand. Concrete that is at least not 4500 psi will often suffer severe cracks and end up breaking.
Sometimes your concrete sidewalks need to be accompanied by expansion joints. These help to allow the concrete change and endure tensile stress without serious cracks occurring. These instead control where the cracks occur, keeping them out of sight, as some cracking is inevitable.
Having an experienced team handle your concrete sidewalks is paramount if you want to get results that last. There is much more to installing a new sidewalk than just pouring the concrete. An experienced contractor will take all the needed steps to ensure longer lasting, durable quality.
Biltmore Contracting offers solutions for residential & commercial concrete needs. Get your free estimate today! Fill out our form or call:

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