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If you have a building that is in need of external repairs, or you are looking to build a new structure, you may find yourself in need of professional masonry services. Masonry can take many different forms and is not limited to brickwork alone, often involving other materials such as marble, granite, limestone, tiles, and even glass. No matter the type of material you are working with, an experienced installation is a must if you are looking to get long-lasting and attractive results.
By turning to the professional contractors at Biltmore Contracting you can achieve exceptional and long lasting results for the construction, repair, or improvement of any structure that requires masonry work. We are well versed in working with all kinds of masonry for New York City home and business owners alike and will be able to provide you with a strong and attractive solution to these construction needs. We can supply you with a variety of masonry options, including concrete blocks, brick, stonework, and veneer.
The Advantage of Biltmore Contracting Masonry

Turning to the staff at Biltmore Contracting means that you will have years of industry experience in masonry installation and repair at your disposal. We maintain strong communication with our customers to ensure the best results possible, and won’t settle for anything less than a job well done. We are well versed in all types of masonry installation and repair and will be able to provide you with an affordable solution to all of these needs.
Masonry will help to increase the thermal mass of your buildings, improving insulation and lowering your heating costs throughout the year.
Masonry is exceptional durable and low-maintenance, providing a long-lasting exterior improvement solution to many structures.
Masonry is one of the longest lasting forms of building around and can have a lifespan of around 500 years if properly maintained!
Biltmore Contracting offers solutions for residential & commercial concrete needs. Get your free estimate today! Fill out our form or call:

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